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Acoustic Doors with soundproof extension is primarily used in studios, recording studios, home theaters, and auditoriums. The acoustic doors provide has STC value between 35 to 55. The STM E-90 is coming with acoustic accreditation certificates which will mean that the doors are tested. 100 % 3D studio door which will be providing necessary acoustic solutions. Automated sill with its adjustable doors. Its flat spring mechanism will be giving the best acoustic performance which makes this door versatile and smooth. Its light infiltration will be helping in getting an amortized look. Envirotech Systems is a renowned manufacturer & supplier of Acoustic Sound Proof Doors

Features and Specifications of Doors

  • ASTM E-90 comes with the accredited Acoustical certificates such that all your door products are tested well.
  • A complete guarantee of our 3D studio doors that provide you with the complete satisfaction and retain the quality value of the customers.
  • The automatic sill and the adjustable doors with the frames help you get the proper maintenance.
  • Satin Finish and Custom Order look one is able to ensure productivity in a great manner. The soundproofing material is trademarked and imparts you with variety.