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Envirotech Systems is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Acoustic hanging Baffles, Hanging Sound Baffles & Ceiling Baffles / Panels and Sound Absorption Ceiling Baffles, Sound Baffles Combine Performance with High NRC Ratings in india

There are variants of acoustic baffles which also comes in different sizes and shapes. They are usually fit for industrial shops, canteen, conference rooms et al. They combine the best of NRC ratings to provide the best acoustic solutions and noise reduction tools. Some baffles also come with the choice of outer fabric finish while the industrial ones have an outer sheet of Aluminum.

Features and Specifications of the Acoustic Hanging Baffles

  • 1.  Light and Moderate Weight
  • 2.  High Performance with Quality Sound Absorption
  • 3.  Smarter Installation with the Sound Modulation
  • 4.  100% Customer Satisfaction with Good Proven Track record
  • 5.  Suitable for large noisy spaces that require a perfect noise control inorder to provide you with complete satisfaction.


Brass Grommets- The material used for the purpose of preparing the baffles are the made up of brass and is quite light in weight.

Adjustable Cable- The roof hanging that takes place through the acoustic assembling possess an adjustable cable. It offers you with complete amount of flexibility as well as make sure that you are able to have the hanging which is full of cable hanging kit.

Vinyl Casing- The products are well prepared through the vinyl casing that will help to provide you with a better kind of fabric. It will make sure that you will have to get some of the best experience that will impart you with the great variety of noise control.