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Semi Anechoic Chamber are provided for any automotive testing with a high intensity of accuracy as an acoustic solution. The rooms are constructed with solid floors with the absorbent ceiling. The equipment can function properly within the solid floor structure. These kinds of chambers are being typically used for measuring noise and vibration of vehicles during their run-ups, engine compartment tests, steering wheel test and for the measurement of air intake and exhaust. They are designed typically with a cut-off frequency of 100Hz by using the ECO-10 wedges, they provide .99% absorption that is made with fire retardant materials. Power trains are also tested with the help of semi-anechoic chambers. Call us, the manufacturer & seller of semi - anechoic chambers today!

Semi Anechoic Chambers can also be used to test power train mountings, engine vibration, noise source location, structure-borne noise analysis, and other components and measurement of engine power characteristics. A semi anechoic chamber has sound reflections that reflect back from the floor but are absorbed by the walls. For heavy equipment, it is easier to use a semi-anechoic room as the floor supports the weight of heavy equipment that is placed on it.

Features of the semi anechoic chamber:

  • Solid floor: the floor of the semi anechoic chamber is very sturdy and can support very heavy weights.
  • Sound-insulated construction: The semi anechoic chamber is constructed with material to give is complete sound insulation.

Application of semi anechoic room:

The semi anechoic room is widely used as a recording room and for filming movie scenes. Most TV studios, Audio production studios, radio studios, etc. are semi anechoic chambers. The semi anechoic chamber is also popular as a project laboratory or computer laboratory and a listening room.

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