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Polycarbonate/PMMA Noise Barrier

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Envirotech Systems – Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Polycarbonate Noise Barriers, Acrylic sound barrier, Acrylic Noise Barriers, Acrylic Sheet Noise Barrier in India

Absorptive/reflective are the two main types available. Polycarbonate Embossed Sheets, Acrylic Sheets, Polycarbonate Solid Sheets are the ranges available. Transparent barriers are composed of PMMA or polymethyl meth acrylate. Thickness is 10 /12/15 mm with a STC rating of 32/ 34/ 36. UV coated sides with 90% clear light transmittance. Tensile strength is 60N/M2 with fire retardant rating of A class 2. Envirotech Systems is a well-known manufacturer & supplier of Polycarbonate/PMMA Noise Barrier.

Key features:

  • Highest Performance in Transparency/light transmission makes our polycarbonate sheet energy saver.
  • With High Impact strength, safety is the prime importance of our Polycarbonate sheet
  • Break resistance, Low handling loss and installation charges makes our sheets, as economical.
  • Because of U.V. Resistance, Our sheets prevent transmission of Harmful Ultra Virus raises.