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Sliding partition comprises of a flush acoustic folding which manages space making it more operational for the customers. To have its impact severity reach its highest level of acoustic ambiance, double PVC seals are used around these sliding partitions. They are supplied with the configuration of either a centerfold or end-fold, as per the requisites. The panels will remain hinged constantly while the lead panel will act as a standard door. Envirotech Systems is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of – Acoustic walls Panels Delhi- NCR - India, Operable walls, Collapsible / Accordion Sliding walls Partition and Room Divider Partition at low cost.

Benefits of Envirotech Movable Walls

  • Intelligent and Flexible space utility.
  • Effective and more usage per floor area
  • Creating extra revenue in Hotels, Conference Halls, Convention Centers by holding several smaller functions as well as large ones.
  • Creating Multiple Classrooms, Meeting rooms, office areas instead of one bigroom.
  • The most favouring advantage is it provides excellent high privacy, energy savings and at the same time aesthetically appealing flexibility in the form of sound proffing.